Rodzi's Theme

by Shane Edward Semler

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Theme music to the comic City of Zargis – The "Rat King". Read for free: City of Zargis is a dark urban fantasy in a dieselpunk setting. Jazz Age noir in a world powered by magic. Zargis is the greatest city along the Spiral Highway, a road that crosses through alternate realities. It is a nexus for strange creatures and dark forces from across the multiverse. In "The 'Rat King', Rodzi Romano, Zargis’ only Master Private Scry, begins his day searching for a missing person but before the end will be drawn into a murderous corporate conspiracy.


released April 17, 2015




Shadowjack Bournemouth, UK

I love art, music and scifi so I combine them all and create new worlds. My music is eclectic because I like a lot of different sounds. I'm not part of a scene, I do what I like and I'm a nerd.

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